“I ate a lot of interesting creations for a while but eventually I hit on some recipes that were enjoyable and quick to prepare. I was really looking to replicate the comforting stodginess of oat porridge. I know that sounds crazy but it has a perfect blandness, a blank canvas that lends itself to a lot of creative ingredient additions”.


Based in Hobart, Tasmania, Island Witch make small batch products to support a healthy and happy lifestyle. Tasmania is an island off the south coast of mainland Australia. It has a beautiful, varied and mysterious landscape. It is where we make our products and source many of our ingredients.

Island Witch was founded in 2021 by Carla Lavery. In 2016, she moved from Sydney to Hobart. The colder, longer winters made her crave the satisfying comfort of traditional oat porridge. Unable to find anything on the market that was grain-free, enjoyable and filled that porridge gap, she developed her own recipes. As a person who loves all things food she identifies with the term ‘Kitchen Witch’. 

A Kitchen Witch is loosely described as a person who believes in the power of food, the magic in its preparation and its ability to heal and to bring people together.


We source the best and most local ingredients possible.

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